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NodeCheck Closing

Dear NodeCheck Users,

Unfortunately, the time as come whereby we have, as have many projects, decide to cut our losses and shutdown the NodeCheck platform.

We created an ad-free platform for MN monitoring with some additional features that other platforms didn't have. Unfortunately, it seems this wasn't enough to generate more interest for purchasing PRO credits, or for generating further business with our API which enabled others to create their own platforms to save on the costs that we incurred by running all the blockchains and wallets. Everyone hates adverts, and the majority block them anyway, so even this wouldn't have helped to keep the platform running. Had there been more uptake with PRO credits, or even third-party platforms running our API, then this would have covered us to continue running the platform.

Generally masternode monitoring is seen as a "nice-to-have". People like to use it to maximise their returns to ensure their nodes are running, but it's extremely difficult to get people to part with a small percentage of this for the service we offered that helped them maximise their returns in the first place. Whether that's our fault, due to lack of functionality on our part, or just because the perspective is, why pay when there are plenty of free services out there as an alternative. It's a catch-22 situation - the more we develop, the more it costs us, and the returns aren't guaranteed - as we saw prior to making this sad decision. In an area where there is plenty of competition and choices, it's a fight to survive. It's very difficult to compete, when taking that all under consideration.

We made sure listing fees were far more realistic than other platforms - maybe this was a mistake, perhaps we were too honest with the way we valued that, rather than by pushing up prices. We offered PRO credits as another way to fund our platform instead of showing adverts that wouldn't generally earn anything anyway, and the API to attract additional interest and funding to run our platform. Also during this time, we see that crypto evolves, chains swap to tokens and other DEFI projects, etc, in a bid to save costs themselves. If more chains move away from masternodes, this also makes our business less-viable.

In some of our functionality we innovated, creating the method to allow our platform to notify you of wallet updates, or the API that we created to pass on the functionality we have to enable our clients to develop their own cost-effective and innovative platforms based on the data/monitoring that our service allowed. I don't know any other platform out there, that added such features like this.

The team will still be around and involved in crypto. Maybe we might think of some kind of unique application for the future and develop this in the hope it will obtain more interest. Only time will tell. We would however like to take the opportunity to thank everyone of you that did purchase PRO credits, and also those that did utilise our API service and listed with us. Without you, we wouldn't have been able to continue as long as we did and we really appreciate all the support that you have shown us during that time.

The shutdown date is schedule for: 2021-04-25 until then, all monitoring will continue as normal.

We wish you all the best of luck in the future! For all of you who've had contact/discussions with us, please feel free to keep in touch on our discord!