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NodeCheck Github Repository

Some of you will probably know about our github repository when using our PRO package or our API service.  But just in case you don't, let's delve in to what we have there.

First of all, let's start with the PRO masternode monitoring.  This was when our github repository started.  We introduced functionality so that we could provide you with notifications when it is time to upgrade your masternode wallet.  Our script puts your version information into our system.  That way, we can compare that information with our version, and if your version is older than the one we have, you get notification via email, telegram or discord, depending on which type of notification you configured.  Why is that good?  Well, if you just set up for masternode and forget about it, which can be quite easy when you are masternode monitoring enabled with NodeCheck - because we send the notifications to you when something isn't right.  Of course, if you aren't getting notifications about problems, you think all is well and good.  Well, that is until for example, a new wallet is released, and then suddenly your masternode has forked and means it is down longer than it should be.  So this PRO feature that we integrated was to help mitigate that, and let you know about it.  That way you could take action with your node before it gets in a really bad state and forked.

The next repository was involved with our API service.  Here we uploaded scripts to check/test the API service before having your website or system fully coded and ready to integrate with our API.  This meant, you can see how it's all working even before you have coded any of your system!  Also, we uploaded a postman.json file pre-configured with all the API calls, so that once your API login has been passed, you can also check/test with this.

Our github repository can be found here: